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Umbrella Cockatoos for Sale


Umbrella Cockatoos are common in captivity as a popular pet. They tend to be very cuddly, affectionate birds that require a lot of attention, more so than other parrots. However, like all parrots, they can be very loud, screaming at sunrise, sundown, and for attention.

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Umbrella Cockatoos for Sale


Also known as the white cockatoo is a medium-sized pure white parrot, native to the tropical rainforest on islands of Indonesia.


This bird is an all-white bird with a pure white crest. It can live for up to 40-60 years in captivity. It weighs 500-630 grams. They have black beaks and feet. A mature female usually has reddish-brown irises, while a male usually has dark-brown almost appearing like black. For some, there is a tinge of blue in the rings around their eyes.



Umbrella cockatoos form close bonds with their mates. Possibly more than other species of cockatoos. They are gentle, docile and sweet tempered birds, which makes them well suited as companions. They are rarely aggressive, love to cuddle and beg to be spoiled so plan on at least one to two hours of training, attention and enrichment per day. This specie is equally very smart and can learn a variety of tricks. They are usually the stars of bird shows



Cockatoos need a diet comprising vegetables, small portions of fruits, berries, legumes, and nuts. Hence, fruits and veggies fulfill their vitamin and fiber deficiency. However, this is not necessary to cook or treat the fruits as they love to eat fresh but veggies should be cooked as they have a very sensitive digestive system.



These birds need large cages and maximum space to live in because they are adapted to live in open spaces. Hence, all cages that should be chosen for these birds should be done by keeping this in mind. Keep your bird in a strong cage sizing 24 x 20 x 24 inches with a good locking system. Put inside some non-toxic and natural perches along with chewable toys, wooden blocks, tricky puzzles, and knots.



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