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Ducorp Cockatoos for Sale


Ducorp’s Cockatoo is a friendly, smart, and very playful parrot that will never fail to make your day better and funnier. They make a great pet for families or singles that want a sociable, The Ducorp’s Cockatoo is reported to be intelligent and playful. They are quieter than most Cockatoos and make sweet pets, given the right environment that considers their need for plenty of companionship/interaction and mental stimulation.

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Ducorp Cockatoos for Sale


Ducorps Cockatoos grow to about 13 inches in length. Their males have dark brown or black irises, while females have more red coloration in their irises. In some cases, the hidden bases of the head and breast feathers have a carnation base. However, they have predominantly white feathers. Their crests are round and very broad. Ducorps Cockatoos have pale yellow undersides to their wings and tails. Their feet are gray, and their bills are grayish-white. 


Ducorps Cockatoos are a native to the Solomon Islands. Their range mainly covers forests and forest edges. It extends into the lower edges of the cloud forests below 5,700 feet in elevation.


Ducorps In the wild are relatively non-social and are generally found in pairs. Ducorps cockatoos are sweet, quiet birds. However, they may attack their peers in small aviaries and thus should not be kept in communities. They are great talkers, although they are fairly quiet as a lifestyle. The Ducorps Cockatoo has been reported to be quite intelligent and playful in captivity. They are equally said to be quite adaptable around new people. They should be given plenty of toys to avoid boredom.


Ducorps Cockatoos live healthily in captivity when fed fresh fruits, sunflower and safflower seeds, vegetables, oats, rice, wheat, and buckwheat. They need consistent vitamin, mineral supplements, and plenty of fresh water at all times. They equally enjoy fresh branches sprouted with buds and leaves. They should be supplemented with sprouted wheat and pigeon food. Occasionally, they will descend in large numbers on local agricultural plantations and cause a great deal of damage.


Ducorps Cockatoos need an aviary of at least 12 by six by six feet in dimension in aviculture. Although they are relatively resilient, they must be protected from winter frosts. Keep in mind they are excellent escape artists. Some owners have resorted to using mini-locks on their cages to prevent unwanted breakouts.


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