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Major Mitchell’s cockatoos happen to be one of the most beautiful of all cockatoos. Resembling its cousin’s rose-breasted cockatoos in appearance and coloration, these birds are highly expensive, suitable for aviaries and parks.

Let’s get a fact straight that these cockatoos are not easy to adopt since they are prone to be aggressive, especially males. Moreover, their loud screaming can put you in some trouble with your neighbors, but if you have decided to have these beauties by your side, just check on the following facts and get started.



Arrange a cage as large as possible with a sturdy lock. It will help the cockatoos in stretching their wings and continuing their physical activities without any hindrance. They also need to be in an outdoor cage daily to relish the fresh air.

Place a wooden nest box-sizing 18 x18 x24 inches inside the cage.



Major Mitchell’s cockatoos, with their tantrums, like to stay alone most of the time and make a quick connection with their owners. They are possessive of their master and don’t like if their owner talks to other family members. They need to socialize with all their family members to form a bond. If they don’t get adequate attention, they become hostile and nippy. With proper handling, your hand-raised cockatoo will understand your mood as well.

Also, chewing is their favorite tendency, so they enjoy chewable toys mostly.



Besides a formulated diet and occasional treats with nuts and seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables should be provided.

Vitamin supplements are required if you don’t provide your bird a formulated diet. Highly fatty foods should not be given.



Your time and care are what will keep your bird in good condition, both mentally and physically. Do not let your pet get bored ever, as this may lead to its destructive behavior. Try to interact with it as much as possible. Although not the best imitator or talker, it will reciprocate your actions in the best way possible.

Regular bathing is essential, along with a clipping of the primary flight feathers.

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