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Our Babies

We provide each baby bird with the individualized care and attention that is needed to become a happy, relaxed, and well-adjusted pet. Lots of tender loving care is essential to ensure proper socialization and a good, even-tempered disposition. Our birds receive lots of cuddling and one on one playtime. The special care that each baby receives assures our customers a loving pet that will bring joy and happiness to their lives for many years to come.


All our Birds must get a good start in life, both nutritionally and psychologically. Each of our babies is given a hand-feeding formula that is best suited to their species and individual needs. They are exposed to a variety of foods at an early age, which allows them to explore and experiment with different tastes and textures. Our babies are weaned onto a pelleted diet, various trail mix blends, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked beans and rice, grains, breads, pastas, and nuts


We believe baby birds are more confident and content when learning how to fly before they are given a gradual wing clip. It also builds strong muscles that are important at this young age. Each of our babies can fledge naturally and fly repeatedly prior to receiving the first wing clipping.


We believe socialization at a young age is a critical factor for having a confident, happy, and well-adjusted parrot. It is important to teach parrots some basic manners and commands. Our babies are exposed to birds of different species. This is a bonus, enabling the babies to adjust with less stress to those households with other birds.

Healthy Babies

All of our parent birds have been given a full panel disease test and we are proud to say we have a healthy disease-free aviary. We also disease test all of our babies and paperwork will be provided.


We expose our babies Birds to different play environments that help them develop their coordination, balance, and concentration and provide them with good exercise to develop muscles and a relaxed attitude.


We do not force our babies to wean as each and every baby’s growth and development is different. Our babies are weaned onto a diet that consOts of vegetables homemade mash high-quality pellets. seed and out of shell nuts

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