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Rose Breasted Cockatoos for Sale


The galah cockatoo is known for being a lovely companion since it is affectionate and friendly. These birds, unlike umbrella cockatoos, are not fond of cuddling. They are, nevertheless, used to dealing with it. It’s a delicate bird that demands a lot of attention and engagement from its caretakers. The Rose-Breasted Cockatoo, on the other hand, can make a great pet. Young birds caught in the wild can develop into affectionate and friendly birds. They will, however, often become a little unpredictable as they grow older, and they should never be permitted to spend time on a person’s shoulder.

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Rose Breasted Cockatoos for Sale


They are native to Australia, where they are called Galah.


They have pinkish-white crests and gray backs, wings, tail feathers, gray feet, and horn-colored beaks. Rose-breasted cockatoos have bright pink feathers on their chests, bellies, and the lower half of their faces.


 These birds are excellent companions. They are playful, goofy, intelligent, and require constant stimulation with toys and objects to keep them active from getting bored. These birds form bonds with just specific individuals. However, this can be pruned by exposing them to people at tender ages. When startled or angry, it erects its chest against you as a sign of warning.

Supposed you do not have enough time to spend with your Galah, get another to avoid boredom. Additionally, these parrots need to sleep in dark, quiet places that reflect the roosting areas in the wild. As such, covering their cages at night reassures them.


Cockatoos need a diet comprising vegetables, small portions of fruits, berries, legumes, and nuts. Hence, fruits and veggies fulfill their vitamin and fiber deficiency. However, it is unnecessary to cook or treat the fruits as they love to eat fresh. Still, veggies should be cooked as they have a very sensitive digestive system.


These birds need large cages and maximum space to live in because they are adapted to live in open spaces. Hence, all cages chosen for these birds should be done by keeping this in mind. Keep your bird in a strong cage sizing 24 x 20 x 24 inches with a good locking system. Put inside some non-toxic and natural perches along with chewable toys, wooden blocks, tricky puzzles, and knots. 


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5 to 6 Months old

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