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Lilac-crowned Amazon, scientifically known as Amazona finschi, belongs to the parrot family. Due to its habitat loss, its number is rapidly decreasing, reducing it to the level of endangered category, although breeders are caring for them and making them thrive in aviaries. The agile parrots are good companion birds but keeping them is a great deal of commitment, so have one when you have time and energy. They are not suitable if you have kids at home.

Lilac crown Amazon forms strong bonds with their owners and must have ample daily social interaction in order to thrive.
Their social nature helps to make them gentle and affectionate companions. While this is a loving bird, this is also a very active species, so this bird needs an owner that can keep up with it. It must have a safe space to climb and play outside of the cage each day.


Keep a moderately spacious cage for the bird along with some perches as the bird tends to move frequently. There should be two playpens, one on the top of the cage, and one on the outside. The cage should be kept in a place where it is exposed to natural sunlight and cross ventilation without any draft.

There should be soft wooden toys for the chewer bird. There is nothing as “too many toys” for the bird but make sure they do not congest the cage. The bird should ideally have enough space for extending its wings and climbing freely despite the toys, food, and water bowls.

The urge of bonding with humans makes the bird yearn for its owner’s association. At the same time, it shows reluctance to be tamed and it expects the owner to understand its mood instead. It sends signals through body language, for example, when the bird has expanded feathers with irises pinning then it is warding off everyone. It is also important for the bird to spend some time outside, but its chewy nature can ruin your delicate furniture, so keep an eye on it whenever it is out. It enjoys interacting with humans without which the bird might feel bored and destructive subsequently.

Typically the lilac-crowned parrot becomes nippy while reaching adolescence and you have to deal efficiently as the phase might extend up to two years.

Any pelleted diet, fit for parrots, along with seed mix and vegetables is recommended for this one.


Attending to its emotional and physical needs is important to keep it healthy and happy. It requires your attention as much as it requires some alone time. Provide its mental stimulation through toys and keep it fit by exercising daily for around 3-4 hours. The bird tends to gain weight rapidly and hence the exercise part is a must.

Bathing once in a week is compulsory, the more the better. It could be through a shower bath or a water bowl.

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