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Yellow Naped Amazons for Sale


Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are intelligent creatures that make excellent pets for owners who want to form a great bond with their birds. In addition, their remarkable speaking abilities make them one of the most popular Amazon parrot species.

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Yellow-naped Amazons, often known as yellow-naped parrots, are one of the friendliest parrots to have as a pet. You can only expect to enjoy their company because of their intelligence, chatting, and down-to-earth social style. It is almost certain that they will form a close bond with their favorite person. Jealousy can arise as a result of this link. You can’t go wrong with a Yellow Naped Amazon if you’re looking for a lively and silly parrot that’s also friendly and cuddly.
From the moment they hatch, all Yellow-naped Amazons are hand-fed and nurtured.

Yellow-naped Amazons can live for 40 years or more in captivity, with some living up to 100 years.

The green forehead and crown of the yellow-naped amazon are distinguishable, as is a yellow band over the lower nape (back section of the neck) and hindneck. The upper mandible’s base is paler than the rest of the beak, which is dark gray. The feet are dark gray as well.
In captivity, they require enrichment and attention because they are exceptionally intelligent birds. They may feel disturbed, and plucking their feathers is a common sign.

Sweet potatoes, fresh kale, broccoli, carrots, apples, and peppers are among the fruits and vegetables that our Yellow-naped Amazons eat. Before feeding the bird, all fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed to remove hazardous toxins. A variety of Uccello seeds, pellets, and nuts are also fed. ​

When properly educated and socialized, Amazons can be fantastic. This bird’s minimum cage size should be 36′ long, 24′ broad, and 66′ high, with 34′ wire spacing.

Baby Yellow Naped Amazons are weaned onto a high-variety diet after being hand-fed. Fruits and vegetables, a soak and sprout mix we manufacture in the store, high variety seed we also create in the store, and naturally colored pellets are used to wean them. Please give us a call if you have any questions about these newborn Yellow Naped Amazons or any of the others we have available! More photos, videos, and information may be found here.

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5 to 6 Months old

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