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Orange Winged Amazons for Sale


Orange-winged Amazons make sweet and affectionate pets that bond closely to their owners. They have a comical attitude that makes them a hit with bird lovers everywhere. You’ll find them to be more gentle and have milder personalities than other Amazons. As with any bird, however, individuals can break from the norm.

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Charming, orange-winged Amazon parrots are popular pets throughout the world. Because they love interacting with people, they are an excellent choice for experienced bird owners who want to form a close relationship with a parrot of their own. While they may not be the flashiest parrots, they are also not the feistiest, which is one more reason why they make great pets.

Origin and History
Orange-winged Amazon parrots are natives of South America.

The Orange Winged Amazon parrot is an independent, playful bird with a distinctive orange color on its wings, crown, cheeks, and tail.
Orange-Winged Amazons are better at mimicking than talking and can be more temperamental than the Blue-Fronted Amazons but are not as temperamental as the Yellow species of Amazons. They can be very affectionate, and many are said to be friendly and clever.

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