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Double yellow-headed amazons are very intelligent, affectionate, and have a fantastic speech capacity. Like all Amazon parrots, these birds like to be the middle of attention. Thanks to their high intelligence, these birds will test the boundaries, especially with in-experienced bird handlers, so experienced bird owners are recommended for owning one among these parrots.

Double yellow-headed Amazons are beautifully colored parrots with a jocund disposition. Their waning numbers in the wild have necessitated that the pet trade is limited to captive-bred individuals.

The double yellow-headed Amazon has been kept as pets for centuries and is highly regarded as a companion bird. Let us now delve into the details about how to care for a pet double yellow-headed Amazon.


As with all members of the larger parrot species, double yellow-headed Amazon parrots need a large cage (length of 8 feet, width, and height of 4 feet each) to live in. They should have enough space within the cage for a free flight and also a covered area where they can move to when they become tensed and anxious. If the budget allows, provide a playpen for the bird at the top of the cage. Perches are also a must. Give the bird enough toys to play with to maintain proper enrichment.

Temperament & Personality

DYHs are intelligent and imaginative birds. They long for their owners’ company and sometimes tend to become aggressive if it is left alone for extended periods. Also, an unattended bird has a tendency to chew on household furniture. You can train them to do tricks with ease. They love to be their owner’s delight and will do their best to keep you entertained all the time. Their aggressive behavior involves them getting ruckus and resorting to biting, although such situations can be avoided if a cue is taken from their body language.


You should give your bird a varied diet, consisting of a pellet or seed mix. DYHs also enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits from time to time. You can share any nutritious food that you eat with your bird. Avocado and chocolate are a strict no-no as they are toxic to parrots and can invite serious health complications.


Clean the cage every day and replace the food and water dishes. Bathe your Amazon daily; this can be done either with water or aloe spray or simply in the kitchen sink. The feathers need to be clipped just enough so that they glide to the floor when they fly. The nails also need to be cut once every month. Disinfect the cage once per year.

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