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Double Yellow Head Amazons for Sale


Double Yellow-Headed Amazons make wonderful, affectionate pets when hand fed and raised in captivity from a young age. Highly gifted and possessing impressive speech abilities, the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon is a charming bird that loves being the center of attention.

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Double Yellow Head Amazons for Sale

The Yellow-Headed Amazon, also known as the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon, is another name for the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon. It’s one of the most well-known Amazon companions, because of its eye-catching appearance and impressive vocabulary. Opera and other types of singing are no match for these birds’ ability to learn.

A double yellow-headed amazon’s intelligence and loveliness are matched only by its incredible ability to communicate. These Amazon parrots, like other Amazon parrots, like being the center of attention. Because of their great intellect, these birds will push the boundaries, especially with inexperienced bird handlers, hence only experienced bird owners should possess one of these parrots.


They’re predominantly green, with a stunning yellow head, red-tipped shoulders, navy blue, red, and green wings, and a vibrant tail with yellow and numerous other greens. After each molt, the yellow head will continue to swell until it reaches the bird’s neck and shoulders.

The beautiful color and unmatched imitation skills of this medium-sized Amazon parrot with a long name make it one of the most popular pet birds in the group. The double yellow-headed Amazon parrot can even learn to sing like an opera singer, which is why it’s been a popular pet since the 1500s.

Native to Mexico and northern Central America, the double yellow-headed Amazon parrot is a colorful and entertaining bird. They spend their nights in mangroves and other wetland areas.


Temperament: The double-yellow-headed Amazon is an active bird that likes to crawl around in its assigned area and can like to fly if given adequate space. Strong cage materials, such as powder-coated steel or chrome steel, should be used for cage construction.

As a result, this bird’s vital toys are often bitten and torn.

As they get closer to sexual maturity, double yellow-headed Amazons may go through a hormonal bluffing period (age four months to 1 year). During this time, they should lunge and bite at individuals. The bluffing might go on for months at a time (and sometimes up to 2 years). Imagining young children engaging with the bird is a good example of this. If you want to encourage a juvenile or adolescent parrot, it’s best to choose a different species.

The Amazon with two yellow heads likes to form strong attachments to a single person. In order to avoid this, make sure that the bird is handled frequently by a variety of family members, especially while it is a baby. If the bird is hand-fed by everyone who has a relationship, it will be less likely to form a bond with one individual.

Birds with two yellow heads Amazon Parrots must be constantly stimulated in order to have a healthy and happy life. This Amazon has a great personality, and its owners will love how well-spoken and quick-witted it is.


Amazons, who prefer to chew on furniture rather than toys, maybe destructive as well. It’s critical to have on-the-spot supervision to keep the bird safe and the house secure. It has a lifespan of up to 80 years and is looking for a home with someone who knows the responsibilities of caring for a bird of that age. To its credit, this bird is extremely trainable and eager to please.

Taking Care of the Amazon’s Double Yellow-Headed Turtle

Small cages are not suitable for Yellow Heads. Aggressive conduct can develop in children who are confined to small spaces. Either buy the best cage you can afford or build an oblong one from 12g welded mesh. Ensure that the planning permits the service of food and water pots (four in total) without the need to enter the cage. When adult males are in breeding conditions, they can be very dangerous.

Food: This Amazon has a voracious appetite and will eat anything that fits in its cup. The best food for a double yellow-headed Amazon is a nutritionally balanced pelleted diet supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, Lafeber’s Avi-Cakes and Nutri-Berries provide a nutritionally balanced meal as well as foraging opportunities.

Genetic Testing:

Let’s say our website doesn’t have a gender option for birds. In this situation, the species is monomorphic,’ which means we can’t tell if an individual is male or female without getting a DNA test. DNA testing may cost an additional $149 per bird to verify the preferred sexed. Please get in touch with us if you know the bird’s DNA so we can prepare your feathered Friends.

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