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Catalina Macaw For Sale


Catalina Macaws have one Blue and Gold Macaw Parent and one Scarlet Macaw Parent. They are gorgeous and have balanced personalities. They have the goofy, affectionate personality of the Blue and Gold and Scarlet’s smart and sassy personality. As with all large macaws, training is key. All macaws should be provided lots of toys that they can chew and destroy. Their large bodies require large cages. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this size bird is 40’x30’x75′ with a 1’bar spacing. A Catalina Macaw can make a wonderful family companion.

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Catalina Macaw For Sale



Also known as the rainbow macaw, the Catalina Macaw is a crossbreed of Blue and Gold and Scarlet macaw. Because of this, they are seldom found in the wild.


Catalina Macaw has a wide range of colors. These are primarily red, deep orange on their breast and bellies. Some have gorgeous blue-green heads, while others have red-orange heads. They have blue and green feathers on their backs and tails. A couple of them have gold feathers edging their wings and tails. They generally weigh 2-3pounds and can be 35 inches long. They live up to 50-60 years.


Every bird, irrespective of its species, has a unique personality reflecting its upbringing. Catalina Macaw can have very demanding needs. Though affectionate and charming, some might become a one-person bird. In contrast, others might prefer a male over a female owner exclusively and shunning people of the opposite sex. Its attitude, however, depends on the treatment it gets during its early days (Immediately after being introduced to members of its new home). Teach the bird and children to respect one another from the start. Then, they can make fantastic family pets as long as the children are not very young.


A Catalina Macaw needs to require places for toysperches for standing and climbing, places for toys, and mounted food, water, and treat dishes. Ensure wherever your macaw is, it is “birdproof.” These birds are capable of chewing everything and anything that comes their way. The minimum cage size required for these species of birds should be 36 inches wide, 48 -inches deep, and 60 inches tall. The height of their cages does not matter as much. However, having a cramped tail for too long can cause health and balance issues for a large macaw.


The best diet for a Catalina Macaw in captivity begins with a formulated parrot mix comprising seeds, dried fruits, and nuts. Provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, coupled with high calcium greens like kale and spinach. An all-seed diet is highly unhealthy for these birds. Never offer chocolate and avocado. They are very toxic. The average healthy macaw will consume approximately 10 to 15 percent of its body weight daily. An average bird weighs about 2 pounds. You can expect a bird will eat about 1/2 cup of food per day, which equates to about 100 pounds of food per year. Feed them in the morning upon rising, and remember to take out any uneaten fruits and vegetables after every hour.




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