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Blue and Gold Macaws for Sale


Blue and Gold Macaws are one of the most well-known and popular companion macaws. They are known for their goofy and playful personalities. A well-socialized Blue-and-yellow macaw can also be very affectionate and loving.

Like any large parrot, training is a must. They require a large enclosure filled with tons of toys and dynamic perching. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this size bird is 40″x30″x75″ with a 1″bar spacing. Blue and Gold Macaws makes an excellent family companion.

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Blue and Gold Macaws for Sale

The colors are navy and gold. Macaws are massive parrots. They have a blue upper body with a golden yellow underbelly and a green forehead. The lengthy tail feathers are primarily blue and yellow. The chin and cheeks have a pinkish-white color, with fine black feather lines running down them. The juveniles’ colors have been wiped away. The beaks of these macaws are gray-black with a hooked tip. Toes point forward and backward, each with a black claw, on their dark grey feet.


This macaw is about 85 and 90 cm long, or 34 and 36 inches. Their wingspan ranges from 41 to 45 inches, or 100 to 112.5 centimeters. They are between 900 and 1200 grams in weight. The measures of women are a little smaller than those of men.


Forests and wetlands in tropical South America are home to this macaw’s natural habitat. Their home range extends from eastern Panama through Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, and Brazil. They may also be found in Peru’s and Argentina’s northern regions.

Food supply dictates the size of their range, with roosting places up to 25 kilometers apart from feeding sites. Forests and tall palms in marshes and waterways are preferred habitats.


Blue and gold macaws are typically found in pairs and have been known to remain in a relationship for the rest of their lives. They stick together even when in a crowd or flying in a large flock, and pairs are easy to spot since they fly so closely that their wings are virtually touching.

Macaws live in huge groups that roost together at night and feed together in the morning, returning before sunset. They frequently seek out “macaw licks,” which are large mounds of clay that attract them.

Because of their long tail that extends behind them while flying, they have a distinctive flying silhouette to distinguish them from other birds. These birds fly very quickly for their size because their wingbeats are slow and shallow. These macaws can fly at rates of up to 35 mph.

EXPLOITATION The diet of these birds is comprised primarily of fruit and green plant matter, with some nut and seed consumption. They seem to prefer palm-derived fruit.

A Blue and Gold Macaw’s life expectancy is 80 years.

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