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Yellow Collar Macaws for Sale


Affectionate but somewhat mischievous, the Yellow-collared macaw has a reputation for being an intelligent and resourceful little parrot. Although some are one-person birds, most Yellow-collared macaws make lovely family pets. But, of course, it helps when a bird is socialized young. They are generally friendly by nature.

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Yellow Collar Macaws for Sale!



They are native to central South America. They equally exist in parts of Bolivia and Brazil as well as northern Paraguay and Argentina.


This species of parrot is primarily green in different shades. It varies from dark to olive to lime green. They have a striking yellow band around their necks. They have long maroon tails with bright blue on the tips. Their foreheads are bluish-black.


The yellow-collared macaws offer all the personality of a large macaw in a smaller, more affordable, and easier to care-for package. They are Charming, crafty, and comical. They have a reputation for being intelligent and resourceful. They are brilliant, and most of these birds learn to talk quite well. These parrots love attention and enjoy being part of a family. The yellow-collared macaw is a lively, engaging bird that can make an extraordinary companion for the right owner. Although some are one-person birds, they are generally friendly by nature.  These traits are extensions of their pairing and flocking instincts, which they will gladly extend to their human flock. If they are given the right amount of training, discipline, and love, they can become loyal and affectionate pets that form deep and long-lasting bonds with their owners. However, if this bird does not get consistent training from a young age, then it can be a territorial and nippy bird.



The best diet for a macaw in captivity begins with a formulated parrot mix that comprises of seeds, dried fruits, and nuts. Provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, coupled with high calcium greens like kale and spinach. An all-seed diet is extremely unhealthy for these birds. Never offer chocolate and avocado, they are very toxic. The average healthy macaw will consume approximately 10 to 15 percent of its body weight daily. An average bird weighs about 2 pounds. You can expect a bird will eat about 1/2 cup of food per day, which equates to about 100 pounds of food per year. Feed them in the morning upon rising and remember to take out any uneaten fruits and vegetables after every hour.


A Macaw needs to require, places for toys, perches for standing and climbing, places for toys, and mounted food, water, and treat dishes. Ensure wherever your macaw is, it is “bird proof”. These birds ae capable of chewing everything and anything that comes their way. The minimum cage size required for these species of birds should be 36 inches wide, 48 -inches deep, and 60 inches tall. The height of their cages does not really matter as much. However, having a cramped tail for too long can cause health and balance issues for a large macaw.


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