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Sun Conures for Sale


The sun conure is exceptionally affectionate and cuddly and will be intensely loyal to a gentle owner. This is a good family bird and will not “turn” on family members if they are kind and attentive to the bird. Sun conures are suitable for beginners as long as you have enough space and time to raise them. If you live alone and work a lot, you may want to consider another pet other than a sun conure. Still, if you can manage to do it, a sun conure is an excellent option for beginners for countless reasons. The sun conure is extremely affectionate and cuddly and will be deeply loyal to a gentle owner. This is a good family bird and will not “turn” on family members if they are kind and attentive to the bird.

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Sun Conures are brightly colored, clever, sociable, and bursting with character. The Sun Conure, often known as the Sun Parakeet, has long been a favorite of families looking for a new pet bird. They’re not good beginner birds because they need a lot of persistent training, daily interaction, and socializing to stay well-behaved and tame.

Sun Conures have always been a popular choice for people looking for a pet bird. Many factors contribute to this, not the least of which is the fact that they’re one of, if not the only, species of Sun Conure with such striking coloration.

The sun conure is found in Venezuela, northern Brazil, and Guyana, all in northeastern South America.

Size: The Sun Conure is a medium-sized bird with a well-proportioned form; healthy birds are neither thin nor thick in profile, and measure around 12 inches from the beak to the top of the tailfeathers.

Duration of existence:

In captivity, Sun Conure birds can live for up to 30 years if properly cared for. Before you decide to take the plunge and bring a Sun Conure home, be sure that you are willing and ready to plan to care for your bird for a minimum of this period.


The sun conure is a cheerful, humorous bird that enjoys athletic stunts. These birds have been trained and are intelligent. In general, it’s a friendly and cuddly bird that’s gentle with everyone as long as they treat it nicely.

Sun conures, like all parrots, are sociable creatures who thrive when given ample opportunity to connect with their human companions. Once they’ve gotten the eye, they’re naturally playful and friendly, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a bird to have as a constant companion.

Remember that the sun conure is a very loud bird, capable of making piercing screams. In the wild, its piercing, harsh call is used to draw attention to major events from a long distance. This bird may also serve as a great watchdog for your house.

Nutrition and diet

Every Sun Conure baby that’s been hand-fed is weaned onto a diet that’s rich in diversity. They’re transitioning to fruits and vegetables, a soak and sprout mix we produce in-store, a variety of seeds we also make in-store, and naturally colored pellets.

They are capable of learning how to communicate through language.

Sun Conures prefer to replicate other sounds, such as whistles, microwaves, doorbells, and telephones. Some Sun Conures will never mimic anything, preferring to stick to their species’ natural vocalizations.


Sun Conures are regarded as the most colorful of the Conure family. This is frequently owing to the fact that a mature Sun Conure’s plumage includes shades of red, yellow, green, orange, blue, and even violet in certain cases.

When you see a Sun Conure, you’ll notice that it has “eye rings” surrounding its eyes. If you look closely, these patches resemble the naked skin found on many Macaws. Many people think they’re a lovely feature on a parrot.

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5 to 6 Months old

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