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Crimson Bellied Conures for Sale


Crimson-bellied conures are birds of the parrot family found in South America. They make excellent pets because of their gentle disposition, lively personality, friendly behavior, and not being overly loud.

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Crimson Bellied Conures for Sale

Crimson Bellied Conures is a species of parrot found in the forests of the south-central Amazon basin and Brazil.

Crimson Bellied Conures have a blue-collar around the ringnecks, which vary with each bird. Their breasts have a pale off-white and dark whit barring. They have a red bend of the wing, lesser underwing coverts, and brown/red tails. Their beaks are brown/gray. If they are well taken care of, they can live for up to 20 years.

Crimson Bellied Conure is playful and can be well trained to perform tricks and speak a few words. They make excellent pets because of their gentle disposition, friendly behavior, lively personality, and the fact that they are not very loud. They are considered the quietest among the conures. They only speak when excited and are the most docile among parrots.

Their cages are A worth noting item on the list. A spacious square or rectangular cage appropriate is most preferable. Advisably, do a thorough checking of the security mechanism of the cage before purchase. Their Cage size should be approximate; 24″ W x 24″ H x 24″ D and Bar spacing of 5/8″ to 3/4″. The cage should be a strong one (wrought iron, stainless steel) so it can withstand the Crimson Bellied Conure’s tough beak. Horizontal bar wires will allow the conure to exercise by climbing on the sides of the cage.

A Crimson Bellied Conure should be provided with a proper diet to keep it happy and content. Their regular diet includes nuts, veggies, small-sized pasta, fruits, cooked chicken or turkey, pellets, and other bits and pieces of food. Many would prefer boiled vegetables to fresh ones. Accompanied with plenty of freshwaters.



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