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Red Front Macaws for Sale


Affectionate, docile, curious, and playful, these macaws have all the desirable traits you want in a pet parrot. Paired with their excellent health and a lifespan of up to 50 years, these aspects make the Red-fronted macaw an excellent family pet.

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Red Front Macaws for Sale



The red front macaw is a medium-sized parrot native to a small area on the east Andean slopes of south-central Bolivia.



It measures about 55-60cm and can live for up to 50 years. Its predominant colors are green and blue. Unlike most macaw breeds with very striking colors, this macaw appears much simpler in color. They have no large red patch on their forehead. It merges with a blushing red spot on their cheeks, a fiery orange-red pattern on the top of their wings, with blue on their flight feathers



They are very inquisitive, cuddly, and intelligent. They are sociable and playful clowns with a sprinkle of mischief. Another thing to consider when going for a red front macaw is they are loud and chewy, so you might consider getting wooden toys for your pets.



Its diet should comprise mainly seeds, vitamins, minerals, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Optionally, you can add rice, Potatoes, Pasta, and scrap bones, though they are ae not necessarily a natural part of the diet. Nuts used for the Macaws consist of Brazil Nuts for Hyacinths and Pecans for the others. It is essential that you get exceptionally the raw Brazil nut in its shell. This is because cracking open the shell is essential for maintaining its beak.


A Macaw needs to require, places for toys, perches for standing and climbing, places for toys, and mounted food, water, and treat dishes. Ensure wherever your macaw is, it is “bird proof”. These birds are capable of chewing everything and anything that comes their way. The minimum cage size required for these species of birds should be 36 inches wide, 48 -inches deep, and 60 inches tall. The height of their cages does not really matter as much. However, having a cramped tail for too long can cause health and balance issues for a large macaw.


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