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Hyacinth Macaws for Sale


Hyacinth macaws are intelligent birds and have shown a facility for limited tool use both in captivity and in the wild. However, while they can make good pets in the right circumstances, they can be nippy and are loud.

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Hyacinth Macaws for Sale!


Hyacinth Macaws are available for purchase. Hyacinth Macaws make fantastic companions. Their personalities are known for being peaceful, pleasant, lively, and affectionate. The largest flying parrot is the hyacinth. They require a high-fat diet that consists mostly of Macadamia Nuts, with additional tree nuts, seeds, pellets, fruits, and vegetables supplied.
Hyacinth macaws are sophisticated birds who have demonstrated the ability to use limited tools in captivity and the outdoors. They can make good pets in the appropriate circumstances, but they can also be snappy and noisy.

Every Hyacinth Macaw that is hand-fed is weaned onto a high-variety diet. They’re weaned on fruits and vegetables, a soak and sprout mix made in the store, high variety seed made in the store, and naturally colored pellets. Please give us a call if you have any questions about this newborn Hyacinth Macaw or any of our other birds! More photos, videos, and information may be found here.

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Gender Options

Male, Female

Age Options

4 to 5 months old, 6 to 8 Months old, 9 months to 1-year-old

Price Options

$8000, $14000, $20000


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