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Green Wing Macaws for Sale


The Green Wing Macaw is one of the more popular species of parrot in the pet trade due to their personalities. The Green Wing is known to be a friendly and confiding bird, greatly relishing human contact. Most birds quickly build up a strong bond with their owner, making them tremendously appealing pets.

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Green Wing Macaws for Sale!


The Green Wing Macaw (Latin name Ara chloropterus) is a well-known species of parrot. The Green Wing is one of the largest birds in the world, coming in second only to the Hyacinth Macaw in terms of overall length. It also has a massive beak.

While Scarlet Macaws and Green Wing Macaws are sometimes confused, these two macaw species may easily be distinguished. The Scarlet Macaw lacks the well-known Green Wing Macaw’s band of green feathers that spans the bird’s back when it is not flying.

Instead, the Scarlett Macaw’s back is decorated with a yellow band.


the height ranges from 102.5 cm to 122.5 cm.
The face of this macaw is white and bare, and it is patterned with little red feathers. The feet are zygodactylous, and the beak is heavily hooked (2 toes that point forward and 2 toes that point backward). Between 65 and 92.5 cm (26 and 37 in.) in length; 102 to 122.5 cm in wingspan (41 to 49 in.).


Red-and-green macaws, another name for green-winged macaws, are found in southern Central America and northern South America. They live in the tropical rainforest.


Because the Green Wing Macaw, like other large parrots, has a long life expectancy, you should think twice before getting one. In captivity, the Green Wing Macaw can live up to 60 years or even more, therefore it’s important to provide good care for your macaw throughout that time.

Because of its distinct personalities, the Green Wing Macaw is a very popular pet parrot. The Green Wing is well-known for being a kind and trusting bird that enjoys interacting with humans. Almost immediately, most birds form a strong attachment to their owner, making them extremely desirable as companion animals. The Green Wing Macaw’s squawks are less common than those of most other macaws, which makes them a better choice for homes with children or other pets.

Due to their high intelligence, green wing macaws can get bored easily when kept in captivity. However, Green Wings can get bored in captivity very quickly, as they would in their natural South American jungle home, looking for food and interacting with other birds. It’s important to avoid boredom in parrots because it might manifest itself in noisy or destructive behavior.

Your Green Wing Macaw’s well-being depends on a variety of toys and regular human interaction. It’s critical to spend quality time with your bird every day and to have a variety of toys on hand that can be rotated to keep things interesting.

EXPLOITATION The diet of these birds is comprised primarily of fruit and green plant matter, with some nut and seed consumption. They seem to prefer palm-derived fruit.

Macaws can live for up to 80 years on average, depending on environmental factors.

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