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White Bellied Caiques for Sale


White Bellied Caiques are playful, comical little birds that enjoy activities and the opportunity to explore. Always on the move, they’re one of the most energetic parrots and quite curious and mischievous. As pets, White Bellied Caiques usually do well alone or in pairs, but be careful not to cage a White Bellied Caiques with another species.

If you have plenty of time and energy to devote to a pet, the White Bellied Caiques may be right for you! These playful little birds are among the most beautiful of the parrot family. If you can devote enough of your time to a Caique, you will be well rewarded.

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White Bellied Caiques for Sale!

A caique is a perfect pet if you’re seeking nonstop laughter. They’re hysterical, clownish, and adorable all at the same time. They’re a great company, and they never stop having fun. They do necessitate a substantial amount of crate space. They require a lot of space in their cage to allow them to freely roam around and engage in active play with a wide variety of toys. Even though the training is required for this species, it is often not difficult. In a perfect world, this bird would have a cage that is 25′ long, 21 broad, and 29 high with a 12′ wire spacing.

White-bellied Caiques spend much of their time in the trees, where they love to play with twigs and other members of their flock. Occasionally, pairs will move apart from the rest of the flock. Fruits, berries, and seeds are among their favorite foods. White-bellied Caiques build their nests quite high in the forest canopy, often more than 100 feet up. White-bellied Caiques that have been raised in captivity exhibit boundless energy and vivacious personalities! They enjoy playing and bathing, and they require an abundance of leafy green branches to gnaw on as they do so. Despite their limited communication skills, White-bellied Caiques are gregarious and love to be around other people. If they’re housed in a cage, they’ll require a lot of exercises and playing, so acquire a playpen! Your bird will need plenty of toys and perches to keep him entertained, so get a Cockatiel cage that’s at least as big as possible. White-bellied Caiques thrive on a diet of pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as grains and sprouted seeds, as recommended by the ASPCA. White-bellied Caiques make great pets if they are properly raised and treated with respect. They have a high level of intelligence and are capable of learning a wide range of tricks.

White-bellied Caiques are small parrots that reach a maximum length of nine inches. They are mostly green in color. They have bright orange top ear coverts, crowns, napes, and foreheads. The peri ophthalmic ring on their eye is white, and their bill is horn colored. Feet are flesh-colored on White-bellied Caiques. The pupil of the eye is filled with a bright red substance called the iris. The throat and cheeks of White-bellied Caiques are yellow. White on the bottom and yellow on the undersides are what you’ll see when you look at one up close. Caiques with white-bellied cheeks? Purple-blue or deep violet is the primary and primary covert colors. Their tails feature green feathers on the top and sides. The underside of the tail is a grayish-black tint.

White-bellied Caiques are found in tropical lowland forests in Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. Since Kuhl’s discovery of them in 1820, the shrouded White-bellied Caiques have skyrocketed in prominence in the world of aviculture. This is great news because, as their natural habitat disappears, captive-bred Caiques may be the only hope for the species’ survival and reintroduction into the wild.


Weaned on a high variety diet, each White Bellied Caique for Sale is hand-fed from infancy. Our store-made soak-and-sprout mix, high-variety seed, and naturally colored pellets are used to wean them off the fruits and vegetables they were raised on. This White Bellied Caique for Sale or any other that we have available, please give us a call if you have any queries. For more images, videos, and details, please visit our website.

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