White Bellied Caiques for Sale


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If you have plenty of time and energy to devote to a pet, the White Bellied Caiques may be right for you! These playful little birds are among the most beautiful of the parrot family. If you can devote enough of your time to a Caique, you will be well rewarded.

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White Bellied Caiques for Sale

These medium-sized caiques are South American parrots blessed with a colorful appearance. Their jocund personality makes them clown birds. So, bird enthusiasts who special interest in such birds should know these parrots require your attention to feel loved and appreciated. In return, they will bestow you with pure love and happiness.

If you are looking for constant entertainment and laughs, a caique is for you. They are super funny, clownish, and adorable. They make outstanding companions, and they never stop playing. They do require ample size caging. They need tons of room in their cage to run around and play with lots of toys. Training in this species is necessary but is typically easy (they are extremely smart!) Ideally, the minimum cage size for this bird would be 25’’ long, 21’’ wide, and 29’’ high with ½’’ wire spacing.


A stainless steel cage with a size of around 24X24X24 inches is good for the bird. Amongst other features, make sure it has horizontal bars (for climbing) and some perches (for grooming of nails). Keep it in a draft-free and well-ventilated place where natural light and air are moderate.


Behavior and Temperament


They live up to their name, “clown bird” with their agile, playful, and entertaining behavior. Playing with toys, climbing, whistling, hopping, or bouncing are their favorite activities, and they will never let you bore. They can’t talk like some of the other parrots, but they can sing in different tunes. Their love for interacting with humans is phenomenal, but they can even bite their favorite human when over-emotional.


Seed mixed diet along with fresh fruits and vegetables should be given to the bird. It needs multivitamins as well, so include soluble or powder multivitamins.


Talk to your pet so that it feels appreciated and finds a friend in you. It can learn many tricks and won’t hesitate to perform afterward. When you are not going to be around, arrange some playpens and toys to keep it busy. Your pet won’t mind spending some time with them at all.

Cleaning is an important chore you need to undertake on a regular basis. Wash the food and water bowl daily and change the drinking water twice every day. Disinfect the cage once every week and during and after the process, keep the bird in a separate cage. Get it back to the clean cage after it is well dried (preferably sun-dried).

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3 to 5 months old, 6 to 9 months old, 1 year to 2 Years old

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