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Quaker Parrots for Sale


They are cute, small, quiet, good talkers, and inexpensive. Quaker parrots, also called monk parakeets, are also ideal pets for a first-time parrot owner. These birds have the same essential traits that apply to parakeets. Some would argue that Quaker parrots are even better talkers.

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Quaker Parrots for Sale

These two parrots, known as the Quaker and the Monk, are wonderful companions. In addition to being entertaining and clever, these birds are also incredibly curious. They enjoy being among other people. These amiable and affectionate parrots have a high level of intelligence and are a lot of fun to train. They also make excellent companions. In fact, for all the right reasons, they’re one of the most popular pet parrot species. First-time pet owners may find it challenging to deal with a bird of this intellect. That’s why this book is set up to guide you through your journey with your Quaker one step at a time.

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Available Bird Ages

5 to 6 Months old

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