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Green Cheek Conures for Sale


Green-Cheeked Conure parakeets are an excellent option for a family pet. The birds are small, affectionate, full of personality, and relatively quiet. Of course, they demand attention, but owners who put in the time playing with them can be rewarded with tricks, cuddles, and even a few spoken words.

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Green-cheeked conures have stolen many bird lover’s hearts. Their curiosity, grit, and playful nature are excellent characteristics of a pet bird. Mischievous and engaging, green-cheeked conures pack a lot of personality into a small package. In addition, they are less noisy than most other parrots—and more affordable—which adds to their appeal.

Origin and History

The green-cheeked conure is a parrot native to South America. These family-oriented birds usually form tight-knit flocks of up to 20 birds, fluttering through the treetops of tropical forests and wooded areas.

Most conures inhabit Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. In the bird-owning world, they’re ever-growing in popularity. However, there is still much debate on how these parrots fare in captivity.

Green-cheeked conures are popular pet birds. They are affectionate and playful and thrive on time spent socializing with their owners. Like all birds, green-cheeked conures can be nippy and uncooperative at times, but as a general rule, they are among the most easygoing of the conure species. Although most never talk, green-cheeked conures do well with training and are known to be fast learners. They can learn to do simple tricks. Most owners say that their big personalities make up for what they lack in the speech department.



Green-cheeked conures can exhibit quite a wide variety of personality traits that are individual to each bird. However, they tend to be affectionate, smart, playful, and sassy. In addition, they thrive on interactions, as they are social and don’t like being alone for long periods.

They can be pretty particular about their surroundings, not liking certain stimuli—whether it be sounds, other creatures, or even certain people. They can bond with one person and show distaste for others. Some might be the opposite, curiously interacting with strangers and even showing off.

Green-cheeked conures are typically very gentle, loving to groom and be groomed by their people. They love melodious tunes like singing and whistling—and they might even bop around happily to music, humming along.

These birds are often found playing with shiny objects, and they even love looking at their own reflection, having lots of stimulating toys in their cage space or things for them to play with while free-ranging will also keep them occupied so they don’t get too bored—which can be a recipe for mischief.

If your green-cheeked conure doesn’t like something that’s going on, they won’t hesitate to tell you about it. While these birds aren’t the most vocal of parrots, they can get quite loud when irritated, upset, or overwhelmed.

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