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Black Headed Caiques for Sale


If you have plenty of time and energy to devote to a pet, the Black-headed Caique may be right for you! These playful little birds are among the most beautiful of the parrot family. If you can devote enough of your time to a Caique, you will be well rewarded.

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Black Headed Caiques for Sale!

A caique is a perfect pet if you’re seeking nonstop laughter. They’re hysterical, clownish, and adorable all at the same time. They’re a great company, and they never stop having fun. They do necessitate a substantial amount of crate space. They require a lot of space in their cage to allow them to freely roam around and engage in active play with a wide variety of toys. Although training is required in this species, it is normally not difficult (they are incredibly intelligent!).

The Black-headed Caique spends most of their time in the trees, where he enjoys playing with twigs. They eat fruits, berries, and seeds, and they get into fights over the seeds. Whenever there is danger in their flock, the birds become eerily quiet before taking flight in a cacophonous display of chirping and flapping feathers! In terms of energy and personality, Black-headed Caiques can best be described as? Manic? Their favorite activities include playing and bathing, and they require a lot of chewable lush green branches. Despite their limited communication skills, black-headed Caiques are gregarious and love to be around people.


If they’re housed in a cage, they’ll require a lot of exercises and playing, so acquire a playpen! Catahoulas can be quite aggressive and fearless in the presence of other birds, even if they are much larger in size. Their behavior may lead you to believe they’re 6′ 5″ and bullet-proof, but they’re not. They need continual supervision when around larger birds. For individuals who aren’t interested in breeding, two females get along just well together due to their high level of liveliness. The way they hop across practically any surface quickly reminds me of a wind-up toy. Make sure your bird’s cage is filled with a variety of toys and perches to keep it entertained.

The minimal cage size for a Caique is 24 X 24 X 24, which is the usual size of an Amazonian cage. Cockatoo-sized cages are preferable; these are 36 long by 24 deep by 36 high. The distance between the bars should be no greater than 34? The cage must be long and tall enough to accommodate a variety of perches, toys, swings, and climbing vines. Even in a huge cage, a Caique will make use of every inch.


The high variety diet is weaned on each Black Headed Caique for Sale that is raised on human milk. Our store-made soak-and-sprout mix, high-variety seed, and naturally colored pellets are used to wean them off the fruits and vegetables they were raised on. Please give us a call if you have any questions about these Black Headed Caiques for Sale or any of the others that we have available. For more images, videos, and details, please visit our website.

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5 to 6 Months old

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