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Alexandrine Ringneck Parakeet for sale


Alexandrine Ringneck Parakeet are a medium-sized parrot with a huge personality! They are playful and silly, and can sometimes become fantastic talkers. Alexandrine Parakeets have a very strong personality and typically does not like to cuddle. They can offer wonderful companionship if they receive adequate training when they are young.

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Alexandrine Ringneck Parakeet for sale!


They’re medium-sized parrots, but Alexandrine Parakeets have tremendous personalities! Playful and lighthearted, they have the potential to blossom into great talkers. Alexandrine Parakeets have a strong character and dislike to be cuddled in general. If properly trained as puppies, they can make fantastic companions.

The Alexandrine parrot is a bigger version of the Indian Ringneck and the African Ringneck. They all have a distinctive ringneck appearance, which includes dark green bodies, long tails, red beaks, and yellow eyes. All Alexandrine parrots are part of the ringneck family. Their maroon-patched wings and bigger beak are the only distinguishing features between them and their close relatives.

Even though they tend to become “one-person” birds when tamed and hand-fed, Alexandrine parakeets can make wonderful companions. They form a deep emotional attachment to a single member of the family while ignoring everyone else. These birds are intelligent and well-known for their ability to communicate fluently, making them attractive as house pets.

This bird’s cage should be at least 30 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 63 inches high, with 3/4-inch wire spacing.


Every hand-fed Alexandrine Parakeet infant is weaned on a high variety diet. Our store-made soak-and-sprout mix, high-variety seed, and naturally colored pellets are used to wean them off the fruits and vegetables they were raised on. Please contact us if you have any queries about this or any other of our baby Alexandrine Parakeets. Visit the website for additional images, videos, and details.

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