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Jenday Conures for Sale

The Jenday is a playful cuddler and a wonderful family pet, able to bond with everyone in the house. This is a trusting bird, intelligent enough to learn simple tricks, and it can learn to talk, though it isn't known as a highly proficient talker. The best attribute this bird has is its intense affection for its owners.

Nanday Conures for Sale

The Nanday parakeet (formerly called black-hooded parakeet) is not a quiet bird, but it is a popular pet. They are affectionate toward their owners and talented talkers, capable of learning several words and short phrases.

Pineapple Colored Conures for Sale

Pineapple Colored Conures are one of the rarer conure color mutations. However, they share many of the same positive traits as conures, making them popular pets. While they have friendly, affectionate personalities, they're prone to biting and must be trained from a young age.

Pineapple Green Cheek Conures for Sale

Pineapple green cheek conures have plenty of personalities, making them popular pets. They’re affectionate, loving, and highly entertaining. Of course, because they’re flock-oriented birds, they prefer having other birds to interact with. But at the very least, spending as much time with your conure as possible will keep it happy.

Sun Conures for Sale

The sun conure is exceptionally affectionate and cuddly and will be intensely loyal to a gentle owner. This is a good family bird and will not “turn” on family members if they are kind and attentive to the bird. Sun conures are suitable for beginners as long as you have enough space and time to raise them. If you live alone and work a lot, you may want to consider another pet other than a sun conure. Still, if you can manage to do it, a sun conure is an excellent option for beginners for countless reasons. The sun conure is extremely affectionate and cuddly and will be deeply loyal to a gentle owner. This is a good family bird and will not “turn” on family members if they are kind and attentive to the bird.

Turquoise Green Cheek Conures for Sale

Turquoise Green Cheek Conures are an excellent option for a family pet. The birds are small, affectionate, full of personality, and relatively quiet. Of course, they demand attention, but owners who put in the time playing with them can be rewarded with tricks, cuddles, and even a few spoken words.

White Eye Conures for Sale

The white-eyed conure or white-eyed parakeet is a small green parrot among one of the better-behaved pet species. It's less noisy than many other parrots, non-destructive, and more likely to want to talk than to scream. Correctly socialized white-eyed conures can make loving and entertaining pets.