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Caique parrots are beloved for their playful curiosity and silly antics. Before you adopt one of these fascinating birds, you should carefully consider whether you can keep up with their active lifestyle. Caiques require plenty of attention, training, and exercise to keep them happy. They also need a good home with lots of toys, food, and space to roam. While caiques can be great pets for a dedicated owner, consider whether they are the best type of parrot.

30+ years

9″-10″ in height and weigh an average of 145 to 170 grams

Caiques are great birds for people who want to play and cuddle with their birds. This means you have to spend at least an hour hanging out with your caique daily. If given enough time every day, caiques will quickly bond with their owners.

Caiques are stout-bodied little birds with yellow, orange, green, and white feathers. Black-headed caiques have black caps that come down just past their eyes and to the top of the beak. White-bellies have a pale orange cap instead. Black-headed caiques have a black bottom beak and a pinkish top beak, while white bellies have an overall pinkish beak. Caiques have naturally strong beaks, and they often grow into sharp-looking points.