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With over Many years of experience, Exoctic Parrots pride themselves in owning, caring for, and breeding the most beautiful Exotic Birds. Exoctic Parrots Aviary is a family-run company based in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in breeding sweet pet birds and quality breeding pairs, We have Macaws, African Grey Parrots, Amazon Parrots, Caiques, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Parakeets, Quaker Parrots. We are always available to our customers to answer any questions and give advice. We are passionate about our birds and our customers having the most positive experience with them.

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We have specialized in healthy, purebred, super sweet baby parrots for 27 years. All of our breeders are in large flight cages with plenty of fresh air and sunshine, with a sprinkler system to ensure healthy, robust babies. Their diet consists of pellets, mixed nuts, fruits, and veggies. We give each baby lots of individual attention, so our babies are well socialized when they go to their new homes. All babies are closed-banded.

Birds for Sale

Parrots for sale, We offer over 30 pet parrots and include parrots for beginners, macaws, conures, lorikeets, Eclectus, Amazon parrots, African grey parrots,
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Blue and Gold Macaws for Sale

Blue and Gold Macaws are one of the most well-known and popular companion macaws. They are known for their goofy and playful personalities. A well-socialized Blue-and-yellow macaw can also be very affectionate and loving. Like any large parrot, training is a must. They require a large enclosure filled with tons of toys and dynamic perching. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this size bird is 40"x30"x75" with a 1"bar spacing. Blue and Gold Macaws makes an excellent family companion.

Blue-throated Macaw for sale

Blue-throated macaws are very curious, mischievous, animated, and love to chew. Macaws can make excellent pets, although some tend to become nippy. Macaws can be very loud as well as destructive. While some speak, most macaws have limited ability to mimic.

Catalina Macaw For Sale

Catalina Macaws have one Blue and Gold Macaw Parent and one Scarlet Macaw Parent. They are gorgeous and have balanced personalities. They have the goofy, affectionate personality of the Blue and Gold and Scarlet's smart and sassy personality. As with all large macaws, training is key. All macaws should be provided lots of toys that they can chew and destroy. Their large bodies require large cages. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this size bird is 40'x30'x75' with a 1'bar spacing. A Catalina Macaw can make a wonderful family companion.

Green Wing Macaws for Sale

The Green Wing Macaw is one of the more popular species of parrot in the pet trade due to their personalities. The Green Wing is known to be a friendly and confiding bird, greatly relishing human contact. Most birds quickly build up a strong bond with their owner, making them tremendously appealing pets.

Hahns Macaws for Sale

Hahn's macaws are the smallest and the most popular among the miniature macaws. These compact and playful parrots make excellent pets that form solid bonds with their owners. Capable of learning many tricks and behaviors, they can become good talkers with practice.

Harlequin Macaw For Sale

Harlequin Macaw For Sale   Known for their beautiful plumage and outgoing dispositions, Harlequin Macaws are huge, colorful parrots. The

Hyacinth Macaws for Sale

Hyacinth macaws are intelligent birds and have shown a facility for limited tool use both in captivity and in the wild. However, while they can make good pets in the right circumstances, they can be nippy and are loud.

Illigers Macaws for Sale

Illigers Macaws makes sweet and friendly pets. Hand-raised Illigers are usually quite tame and very social. They typically get along very well with other birds. However, a lone Illiger is quite a sorry sight for those who understand its social personality.

Hand Feeding

We believe in weaning our baby birds based on their individual needs and rates of maturity. It is essential that all babies get a good start in life, both nutritionally and psychologically. Each of our babies is given a hand-feeding formula best suited to their species and individual needs. They are exposed to various foods at an early age, which allows them to explore and experiment with different tastes and textures. Our babies are weaned onto a pelleted diet, various trail mix blends, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked beans and rice, grains, bread, pasta, and nuts.

Health Guarantee

We guarantee every bird is free of diseases or viruses. We have a closed aviary, and our birds are never exposed to any other birds unless they’ve gone under strict quarantine. 

All our babies are DISEASE TESTED negative for Polyomavirus (PVD), Avian Borna virus (ABV), Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD), Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD), and Chlamydia psittaci. This is extremely important when choosing a lifelong family member. We provide paperwork with every bird we sell.

Friendly Birds

Our babies are removed from the nest around 12-15 days of age and hand-fed with lots of love and attention. At hand feeding time, we start our process of selecting and understanding each bird’s nature and personality. We reserve the sweetest ones as pets and the less sweet ones as breeders. Some birds are naturally inclined to breed, and we believe that forcing them to become pets would be going against nature. Our birds are all individually important to us. We recognize them as part of God’s living creation, bringing lots of joy to people’s hearts.


We believe socialization at a young age is a critical factor for having a confident, happy, and well-adjusted parrot. It is essential to teach parrots some basic manners and commands. All of our baby birds are trained to “step up,” “step down,” and “no.” In addition, our babies are exposed to birds of different species. We feel this is a bonus, enabling the babies to adjust with less stress to those households with other birds.

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